Best sat navs 2019 – product group test

With a rise in the use of smartphone sat-nav apps, is it still worth buying a portable sat-nav? We tell you which ones are the best...

Best sat navs 2018 – product group test


1. TomTom VIA 53

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2. Garmin Drive 51 Europe LMT-S

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3. TomTom Start 52

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Really, we were disappointed with all the sat-navs we tested here. While smartphone sat-nav apps have made huge progress in the last few years, portable sat-navs seem to have made very little and it just feels like old tech now. Very few came close to the usability and accuracy of free sat-nav apps on smartphones, like our favourite, Waze, with every single model being especially poor at avoiding traffic.

However, if smartphone navigation doesn’t work for you and you are set on buying a sat-nav, the TomTom VIA 53 is the most recommendable. It offers real-time traffic updates, has the most usable interface, and compared with all other portable sat-navs, it represents the best value. In second place it’s the Garmin Drive 51 Europe LMT-S, which isn't quite as easy to use as the TomTom but still comes packed with a lot of features for a decent price. The TomTom Start 52 comes third as a good and reliable no-frills sat-nav.