Best small cars 2023

More people buy small hatchbacks than any other type of car. However, there are an awful lot to choose from, so here we count down the top 10 – and reveal the models to avoid...

Best small cars 2022
Best small cars 2022

The small car market is one of the most fiercely contested, which is great news if you're after this sort of vehicle, because it means there are stacks of models to choose from and standards are generally high.

To have a chance of topping the class, a car must be as comfortable on the motorway as it is in the city. It must have enough boot space for weekly shopping trips and an interior that's practical enough to cope with the demands of families. And it must, of course, be competitively priced.

In order to help you find the right small car for you, we've picked out our top 10 – and named the ones you should avoid. If anything takes your fancy, just click on the relevant link to read more about it or see the latest deals available through our free New Car Buying service.