Best used Audis

Regardless of your budget, a good-quality used Audi is within reach. Don’t believe us? Here are our top picks in every price range from £2000 to £25,000 to prove it...

Best used Audis for £2000

3. Audi A3 (1996-2003)

Best used Audis

It’s a largely forgotten fact that the original Audi A3 started the popular trend today for upmarket family-sized hatchbacks. Today, while there are plenty of tired examples, there are still diamonds in the rough to be found, and a good one should offer years of faithful service. What’s more, you can buy a nice first-generation A3 for relatively little cash, making them a great bargain buy.

We found: 1999 1.9 TDI SE, 95,000 miles, £1500

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2. Audi A4 (2000-2005)

Best used Audis

It isn’t quite as sharp as its chief rival, the BMW 3 Series, but the Audi A4 is still a smooth, comfortable cruiser with a crisply styled interior that makes it well worth a look, especially at this price. Diesel versions are obviously the most efficient, though if fuel economy is less of an issue, the 1.8-litre turbo is fast and smooth. All models have a decent reputation for reliability, though watch out for cambelt change intervals and try to buy one with as full a service history as you can get.

We found: 2004 1.8T Limited Edition, 82,000 miles, £1995

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1. Audi A2

Best used Audis

It’s an unusual-looking thing, the Audi A2, but there’s a reason for that. Its height means it offers loads of space inside, yet on the outside it’s compact. It’s also lightweight, being built out of aluminium, which means it’s remarkably efficient. It is, in short, a clever little car, and that’s amassed it a cult following. As a result, expect values to rise in a few years, meaning an A2 isn’t just a neat – and great value – family car; it could also be a great investment.

We found: 2004 1.4 SE, 85,000 miles, £2,000

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