Best used cars for new drivers (and the ones to avoid)

Whether you've got £1000 or £10,000 to spend, a great first car is within your grasp. To prove it, we've brought together the very best – and worst – used first cars for every budget...

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Alex Robbins
23 Mar 2016 08:00

Best used cars for new drivers for less than £10,000

3. Hyundai i20

Best used cars for new drivers (and the ones to avoid)

While it isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to drive, the Hyundai i20 majors on peace-of-mind. It’s great value to buy, and you get the balance of a five-year manufacturer’s warranty with a nearly-new example like you can buy for this sort of budget. What’s more, it’s easy to drive, with light controls, and comes with plenty of kit. If you’re looking for a smart-looking first car that’ll be hassle-free for years to come, this is it.

We found: 2016 1.0 T-GDI SE, 100 miles, £9490

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2. Ford Fiesta

Best used cars for new drivers (and the ones to avoid)

At this budget, the Ford Fiesta becomes even more appealing, because the very impressive 1.0-litre turbo engines are easily available, and if you can afford the insurance cost, it’s worth having. Mind you, even if you can only run to the 1.25-litre model, you still get the Fiesta’s great handling and impressive comfort, not to mention the fantastic value and low maintenance and running costs.

Best used cars for new drivers (and the ones to avoid)

There’s a reason the Skoda Fabia won our Small Car of the Year award this year – it’s one of the best all-rounders money can buy, with plenty of space, low running costs and an impressive entertainment system. It’s also even more comfortable on the motorway than the Ford Fiesta, and while the dashboard plastics are a little cheap, the Fabia still looks smart inside. True, it isn’t the coolest or the most exciting car out there, but as sensible, practical small cars go there are few better.

We found: 2016 1.2 TSI Colour Edition, 6000 miles, £9995

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And one to avoid…

Alfa Romeo Mito

Best used cars for new drivers (and the ones to avoid)

It might look sharp, but the Alfa Romeo Mito is expensive to buy and run, uncomfortable, noisy, dull to drive, and cheaply built.

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