Best used convertible cars for Β£5000

Autumn is a good time to consider buying a used convertible car, as prices begin to dip after the high summer demand. We pick the ten best cars you can buy for under Β£5k and point out one to avoid.

Words By Mark Pearson

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1. Mazda MX-5

The undisputed king of the cheaper convertibles, the MX-5 has soared like a colossus over this class for years – no other car comes close to offering such a blend of tactile delight and sheer driving pleasure in such a competitively priced package. Above all, it’s tremendous fun. There’s more than enough straight-line speed, beautifully direct steering, wonderfully eager handling and, always easily on hand, the sensual pleasures of drop-top motoring – all in a well-built and relatively cheap-to-run car with a top-notch reliability record. You can even find the delicious Mk1 version for as little as Β£1000, and prices for that can only go one way, but our Β£5k should find you an excellent Mk3 model.

We found MX-5 1.8, 54,000 miles, full service history, Β£4995

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And the used convertible car to avoid…

Lexus SC430

Quite how a manufacturer as gifted at making cars as Lexus, which regularly tops reliability and customer satisfaction surveys and whose cars are a paragon of panel fit and interior quality, could have produced a car as bland and poor to drive and ride in as this heavy convertible is something we’re still trying to fathom.

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