Best used convertible cars for £5000

£5k is all you’ll need to bag yourself a great used convertible. Follow our guide for 10 of the best – and avoid the washout at the bottom of our list...

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Max Adams
5 Jul 2017 06:00
Best used convertible cars for £5000

If the TT had been a little less popular, and you’d been able to get a good example of the second-generation car for our £5k target rather than the very last examples of the first-gen one, it might have finished at the very top of our table. Instead, the original car, with its concept car looks and daringly fresh interior styling, still cuts the mustard, with some great engine options, pleasing handling and the usual Audi classy finish. Older, high-mileage ones can actually be had from as little as £2k, so it caters for all budgets, too.

Best used convertible cars for £5000

Okay, to buy a Porsche – especially one with the all-round excellence of the Boxster – for this sort of money will require careful research and some very astute shopping, but the rewards if you find a good one will be high. Not only will you have an exceptional mid-engined car of great speed and ability, you’ll have an appreciating asset you really can enjoy on the road every day, with its eager handling and flat-six burble. Our money buys a clean first-generation model, but it’ll still be vital to check the history, and indeed everything else, very carefully.

Best used convertible cars for £5000

The Z4 is a no-nonsense, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive roadster with plenty of grip and sharp handling that comes with a range of great engines and a good reputation for long-term reliability. You can choose one with a magnificently lusty 2.5-litre or 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine, but you’ll enjoy yourself nearly as much in the spirited 2.0-litre four-cylinder model. It’s a beautifully engineered car, although some might find the ride a little too firm. High demand keeps prices steep, but you can still pick up a good 2007 example for our £5000 target.

We found 2007 Z4 2.0i SE, 55,000 miles, £4990

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