Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)

A used convertible is a great way to get out and enjoy the summer sunshine if you're buying on a budget. Here are our favourites...

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Alex Robbins
07 June 2016

Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)
Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)

A drop-top with the three-pointed star on its nose is a covetable thing indeed, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Convertible is no exception. Clever aerodynamics and blown warm air help prevent wind buffeting with the top down and keep its occupants warm. It’s well-built inside, too, and as long as you avoid AMG Sport and AMG LIne versions, supremely smooth and wafty.

We found: 2013 E200 SE auto, 20,000 miles, £18,995

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6. Mini Convertible

Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)

The Mini is one of the more accessible convertibles on the market, with some of the lowest prices of the lot. But of course, that’s because it’s also one of the smallest, and while it’s a full four-seater, space in the back is pretty tight. That said, if you can live with that, those compact dimensions also mean it’s very easy to drive around town. What’s more, with excellent build quality, great looks and some of the most fun driving dynamics around, not to mention a choice of impressively efficient engines, the MIni is a compelling cabrio.

Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)

A high purchase price is the only reason the Audi A3 Cabriolet didn’t finish higher in this feature. Otherwise, it’s a cracking all-rounder, offering the same sublime balance between ride and handling as any hard-top A3. You also get a gorgeous interior that’s both beautifully designed and extremely well built, an impressively big boot for a car of this type, and enough room in the back for two adults, at a push. If you can stretch to it, then, it’s one of the best used convertibles out there.

We found: 2013 1.4 TFSI 150 Sport, 20,500 miles, £16,599

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Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)