Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)

A used convertible is a great way to get out and enjoy the summer sunshine if you're buying on a budget. Here are our favourites...

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Alex Robbins
07 June 2016

Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)

OK, so you probably won’t pick a Mazda MX-5 is practicality is a prime requirement. But if you can live with just two seats, there’s little else to dislike here. The MX-5 is great fun to drive, as you might expect, but it’s also cheap to buy and run, extremely reliable, and very easy to drive. Its compact dimensions make it great around town, yet it never feels out of its depth on the motorway, and its soft suspension provides a brilliant ride. There’s even enough room in the boot for two decent-sized overnight bags.

We found: 2014 2.0 Sport Venture, 20,500 miles, £13,798

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And the convertibles to avoid…

Audi A5

Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)

Poor body stiffness means the Audi A5 Cabriolet shudders and groans over larger bumps, and it’s insipid to drive.

Best used convertibles (and the ones to avoid)

Heavy, thirsty, and stodgy to drive, the Lexus IS is also very expensive, and because it wasn’t popular when new, hard to find.

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