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Best used coupes for less than £20,000

Great coupés come in all shapes and sizes, but if you've got £20,000 burning a hole in your pocket which of these used ones should you have at the top of your list? Here's our top 10.....

New coupé sales may be slowing as buyers flock to more on-trend SUVs and the like, but keen drivers still love a good one.

Best used coupes for less than £20,000

Those same drivers and potential owners can also save thousands of pounds by buying a used example, like the 10 we've assembled here. 

Many of the cars on this list are only a few years old and should give you many years of enjoyable, trouble-free motoring. And there's everything from hardcore sports cars to continent crushing cruisers to cater for all tastes. So read on to find out which one you should be laying down your folding on, as we count down our top 10 used coupés for £20,000. 

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10. Toyota GT86

Toyota GT86

The Toyota GT86 is one of the more hardcore coupés on this list, but that's intentional. The GT86 was never supposed to be a consummate cruiser, more a B-road hack to thrash. With only 197bhp and not a whole heap of torque to play with, you certainly need to get the engine spinning to make progress.

Toyota GT86 (cont.)

Toyota GT86

The relatively skinny tyres don't offer up the same level of grip some rivals do, making the handling of the rear-wheel-drive GT86 a bit more playful than anyone used to modern front-wheel-drive cars will be expecting. Go for a Blue Edition model if you can with the performance pack for uprated Sachs suspension components and bigger brakes, and you'll have a unique offering amongst other used coupés, and one that can be plenty of fun on the right road.  

We found: 2018 Toyota GT86 2.0 D-4S Blue Edition, 19,000 miles, £18,995

9. Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK production to end in the summer

So, the curveball. True, the Jaguar XK is the most senior member of this list, but who can argue with a 385bhp 5.0 V8, a cosseting ride and what is impressively nimble handling for such a large car.

Jaguar XK (cont.)

Jaguar XK

You'll have to put up with a slow infotainment system that doesn't have all the latest smartphone capabilities that some of the newer examples on this list can boast, but we think that's a small price to pay for something that cost over £65,000 when new, a mere seven years ago. 

We found: 2013 Jaguar XK 5.0 V8, 55,000 miles, £20,000

8. BMW 6 Series Coupé

BMW 6 Series Coupé

If you like the idea of a big, comfortable coupé like the aforementioned XK, but don't want the steep running costs of a petrol V8, try this BMW 6 Series. It can be had with a thirsty petrol engine, but we recommend the torque-rich 640d version, which should manage very respectable economy figures despite a top speed of 155mph and a 0-62mph time of just 5.5 seconds.

BMW 6 Series Coupé (cont.)

BMW 6 Series Coupé

The interior is even plusher than the one in the Jaguar, and with BMW's excellent iDrive infotainment system, it feels a lot more modern.  

We found: 2016 BMW 640d Coupé SE, 45,000 miles, £18,750

7. Volkswagen Scirocco R

Volkswagen Scirocco R front corner

Some of you might be wailing at your screen right now because it's not hard to find a Volkswagen Scirocco for less than £20,000, but we're focusing on the more powerful 276bhp R model which, we think you'll agree, is much more fun than the regular cooking version.

Volkswagen Scirocco R (cont.)

Volkswagen Scirocco R interior

Expect tidy handling, great build quality and some outstanding overtaking ability from this Scirocco, and, because it is based on a Golf, a respectable amount of practicality for a coupé.

We found: 2017 Volkswagen Scirocco R 2.0 TSI 280, 19,000 miles, £18,995

6. Mercedes E-Class Coupé

Used Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2009-2017

Some may need a coupé that can still seat four people and their luggage, and for those, there's the E-Class. It puts even longer cars such as the Jaguar XK and BMW 6 Series to shame in terms of practicality.

Mercedes E-Class Coupé (cont.)

Used Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2009-2017

There are a few perky petrols available, but most buyers went for an economical diesel, so it shouldn't be an overly expensive car to run. It's fun to drive, too, even if those big wheels do nothing to help ride quality.

We found: 2017 Mercedes E-Class Coupé E220d AMG Line premium edition, 25,500 miles, £19,495

5. BMW 2 Series Coupé

BMW 2 Series Coupe

The BMW 2 Series gets the honour of being the newest on this list; you can find well-specced examples that are less than a year old for our budget. This means that it'll have all the modern conveniences new car buyers have come to expect, at a price that used buyers will appreciate.

BMW 2 Series Coupé (cont.)

BMW 2 Series Coupe

And both camps will like the fact that the 2 Series has a classy interior and can be had with a number of economical engines, including a few diesels that'll do over 60mpg. It's fun to drive, too. 

We found: 2019 BMW 2 Series Coupé 218i M Sport, 9500 miles, £19,995

4. Audi A5 Coupé

New Audi A5 Coupe vs new Mercedes E-Class Coupe

Bridging the gap between the modern technology of the 2 Series and the space of the E-Class Coupé is this Audi A5. We found a year-old example that came in under budget with the more economical diesel engine, although the entry-level petrol is worth a look, too.

Audi A5 Coupé (cont.)

New Audi A5 Coupe vs new Mercedes E-Class Coupe

It's refined and good to drive. It is safe, has a smart interior, and, as long as you avoid large alloy wheels, a comfortable ride. Look out for one with some of the pricier, high-tech options, such as Matrix LED headlights and the Virtual Cockpit digital instrument display, when looking for one.

We found: 2018 Audi A5 Coupé 2.0 TDI Sport, 18,000 miles, £19,999

3. Mercedes C-Class Coupé

Mercedes C-Class Coupé

With its snazzy interior and high-tech kit list the C-Class could sell itself pretty well in the showroom, but it's equally impressive on the road, too. It's also a relaxing car to cover great distances in. Many of the used examples out there are diesel, and we think that makes for the best combination since these engines have plenty of torque for high-speed cruising and provide exceptional fuel economy.

Mercedes C-Class Coupé (cont.)

Mercedes C-Class Coupé interior

Try and find one with the premium package on it; this gives you full electric seats, a panoramic glass roof, a bigger infotainment system and an upgraded Burmester sound system.

We found: 2017 Mercedes C-Class Coupé C220d Sport, 25,000 miles, £19,995

2. BMW 4 Series Coupé

BMW 4 Series Coupe

Edging ahead of the C-Class and taking our runner-up position is the BMW 4 Series Coupé. It provides all the benefits of the Mercedes, but is just a bit nicer to drive overall. You can also get a slightly newer example for similar money, which also helps give it the lead over its fellow German rival.

BMW 4 Series Coupé (cont.)

BMW 4 Series Coupe

The only downside is the interior, really, because when you get behind the wheel, there's little to suggest you're in anything more than a regular 3 Series. However, it's a full four-seater and has a decent-sized boot, making it a highly practical and very popular choice.  

We found: 2018 BMW 4 Series 420d Coupé Sport, 17,000 miles, £19,995

1. Audi TT

Audi TT 2019 right front tracking shot

It's hard to remember a time when the Audi TT hasn't won a What Car? award of one sort or another, and with prices of year-old ones dipping under £20,000, it's likely to continue to do so since it was also our used coupé of the year. No other rival manages to tick as many boxes as the TT, especially not for this little money. 

While you can get some spectacularly quick examples (the fire-spitting 394bhp TT RS is an obvious candidate) our budget puts you in a much more sensible 1.8-litre turbo petrol, which is fine because it's a sweet engine with plenty of performance. And you don't have to go for a highly specced one either because every version is well-equipped; even high-end stuff like Audi's Virtual Cockpit, which replaces traditional dials with a configurable 12.3in screen, comes as standard.

Audi TT (cont.)

Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Sport - interior

Plus, the TT deals with twists and turns with ease, provides a pleasant ride and also has progressively weighted steering that makes it easy to place the car on the road. For all these reasons listed we argue that a used Audi TT makes for an unbeatable second-hand purchase.

We found: 2018 Audi TT 1.8 TFSI Sport, 24,000 miles, £19,895 

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