Best used coupes (and the ones to avoid)

The best used coupΓ© combines smart looks with driving pleasure. Here’s our top 10

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Best used coupes

Smooth, suave and sophisticated: the coupΓ© is the sharp suit of the automotive world, sacrificing a little in terms of ultimate practicality for stylish looks and a smart image.

Fortunately, a cornucopia of crushingly competent coupΓ©s on the used car market means one of these terrific two-doors is within your reach. So if you only need occasional rear seats and fancy something a little more dashing for your drive to work, grab a cup of tea and have a read through to find out which our 10 favourite used coupΓ©s money can buy – and which one we rate as the best.

Best used coupΓ©s

10. Bentley Continental GT

It doesn’t come cheap (what Bentley does?), but the huge drop in value a Continental GT experiences in its first few years means a second-hand example looks a far more savvy buy than a new one. This is one of the most opulent coupΓ©s out there, with top-quality wood and leather as far as the eye can see, monumental grip and more than enough power, no matter which model you choose. There’s nothing out there quite like it.

We found: 2014 V8 S, 20,500 miles, Β£75,000

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9. Toyota GT86

The Toyota GT86 is the coupΓ© for the keen driver, with sharp responses, a superb chassis and fabulous amounts of feedback. You do have to live with some compromises – a slightly gutless engine and cheap-feeling interior, for example – but if you simply want a coupΓ© that’s a joy to drive on a fast, twisty road, this is it. Throw in the five-year (from new) warranty and Toyota’s enviable reputation for reliability, and there’s plenty to love.

We found: 2013 2.0 D-4S, 32,000 miles, Β£13,998

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8. Mercedes-Benz C-Class CoupΓ©

Comfortable and classy, the last-generation Mercedes C-Class CoupΓ© makes a lot of sense if you need a smart two-door with enough space for the kids. It isn’t quite as sharp to drive as some rivals, but the payoff is a smoother ride – stick to SE versions if that’s a key requirement, because sportier models can be a bit firm. Diesel models are noisy, too, although they are at least efficient.

We found: 2014 C220 CDI SE Executive, 16,000 miles, Β£15,873

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