Best used estate cars (and the ones to avoid)

Need loads of luggage space for a reasonable price? These are the used estate cars that best fit the bill...

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Alex Robbins
01 October 2016

Best used estate cars (and the ones to avoid)

We’re big fans of the Volkswagen Passat Estate. It has a massive boot, and a classy interior that feels a cut above most rivals’. What’s more, it rides comfortably and quietly, making a great long-distance cruiser, and while it isn’t as sharp as the best, it handles tidily enough for the vast majority of estate buyers. There’s a wealth of well-specified models around, too, with post-facelift versions the most desirable of all. And while it isn’t as cheap as some big estates, neither will it cost you the earth.

We found: 2013 2.0 TDI 140 Sport, 21,000 miles, £12,470

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3. Volkswagen Golf Estate

Best used estate cars (and the ones to avoid)

To look at it, you’d never guess at the simply vast amount of boot space that’s available in the Volkswagen Golf Estate. But while clever packaging means its boot is enormous, that isn’t all it has going for it. The Golf has one of the classiest interiors of any car this size; what’s more, it’s impressively comfortable, quiet, and even pretty good fun to drive. There’s a great choice of petrol and diesel engines to pick from, and it isn’t even all that expensive. In other words, it’s a very hard estate car to beat.

Best used estate cars (and the ones to avoid)

As a value proposition, the Skoda Octavia Estate delivers. It offers a vast amount of space for the money, but that’s not all. It’s good to drive and well equipped, and comes with the same impressive range of engines as the Volkswagen Golf, which is a tad more comfortable, but neither as spacious nor as cheap. And while the interior isn’t quite as classy either, it’s well built and feels robust enough to stand up to the worst a family can throw at it. Put simply, it’s a splendid car with loads of space for a great price.

We found: 2014 2.0 TDI SE, 30,000, £10,557

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Best used estate cars (and the ones to avoid)