Best used estate cars for less than £5000

Even for £5000, you can have your pick of some exemplary used estate cars. Here are the models we recommend – along with the ones to steer clear of...

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Max Adams
19 October 2016

Used Ford Mondeo Estate 07-15
Best used estate cars for less than £5000

The Ford Mondeo has become a common sight on Britain’s roads, and with good reason – it’s comfortable, delightful to drive, well equipped and superb value for money. The Estate version only adds to the Mondeo’s impressive set of talents, even if outright load capacity has been sacrificed a little for the handsome looks of this generation. And the best news is that the extension work didn’t come at the expense of handling, which is just as good as the standard hatchback’s.

We found 2011 2.0 TDCi Zetec, 88,000 miles, £4740

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And the estate cars to avoid…

Chevrolet Lacetti


Best used estate cars for less than £5000

A rough engine with high fuel consumption and emissions in relation to rivals means that while the Lacetti is reasonably cheap to buy, it isn’t cheap to run. This would be fine, if it didn’t have plenty of other shortcomings. Best buy any of the other estates in this list.

Best used estate cars for less than £5000

The Stilo Multiwagon is pretty cheap on the used market, but that’s for a reason – it’s bland, flimsy and pretty mediocre to drive. Its cheapness also opens it up to those who buy one simply to run into the ground – and with this model’s reliability problems, that might not take long.

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