Best used executive cars for less than Β£2000 (and the ones to avoid)

The best executive cars should combine plenty of space with real driving abilities and then add a touch of class. We’ve chosen 10 you can buy now for just Β£2000

Words By Mark Pearson

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7. Toyota Avensis

The Avensis is admittedly not the most exciting car to look at, or even to drive, but it’s the epitome of comfortable and ultra-dependable executive car motoring. It’s refined, well equipped and has plenty of space inside. Add to that the fact that’s it’s possible to pick one that, price-for-price, is much newer than most and that it’s unlikely to go wrong and you can see why we rate it so highly.

We found: 1.8 VVT-i 3-S, 2005 (05), 72,000 miles, service history, Β£2000

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6. Audi A4

The Audi A4 has always been an elegant and understated exec saloon, and this generation is no exception. The interior is crisp, classy and oozes style, the materials are high-class and there’s all the kit you’ll need. Most versions are refined long-distance haulers with the ability to please on a winding back road, and they’re able to play the family game too, although rear seat space is a little limited. A popular car, so our money buys a relatively early 2003 model.

We found: 2.0 FSI Sport, 2003 (03), 68,000 miles, service history, Β£1850

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5. Mazda 6

It might not be the first car that springs to mind but the Mazda 6 is a sharp and practical all-rounder. It’s good to drive too, with precise, almost sporty, handling, despite which it rides well. Inside, there’s acres of room, and, on top of that, it’s well screwed together, and has proved to be one of the more reliable cars in this class. Our budget buys you a 2007 model, one of the last of the first-gen cars.

We found: 2.0 TS, 2007 (57), 74,000 miles, service history, Β£1995

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