Best used luxury cars 2017 (and the ones to avoid)

With heavy depreciation leading to low prices, used luxury cars make an awful lot of sense. Here are the best you can buy

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What goes into making a good luxury car? A smooth, cosseting ride, for one thing; another is the use of the finest materials throughout. Then there’s a powerful engine, with enough punch for any situation, and perhaps an arsenal of handy technology and toys to play with. And perhaps you’d even throw an involving driving experience into the mix.

Believe it or not, you don’t have to pay the earth to get all of these things, all wrapped up in a suave, smooth body and with a badge to match. Buying used can land you the luxury car of your dreams for less than you’d think. To prove it, here are our 10 favourite used luxury cars, with links to examples you can actually buy in the What Car? Classifieds – and we’ve even thrown in a couple you should avoid, too.

Best used luxury cars

10. Tesla Model S

Tesla’s first mainstream model has caused one of the greatest stirs ever seen in the luxury car market. Electric power means it’s silent, devastatingly quick, enormously spacious, and because its running gear is so mechanically simple, it has a great reliability reputation. However, there have been some niggling quality issues, and Teslas are extremely costly to buy, even second-hand – not to mention the fact you'll have to work out whether you can live with a car you have to charge up. But if you can, you’ll save a huge amount of cash on fuel which might mitigate the extra cost.

We found: 2014 Performance P85, 18,000 miles, Β£55,990

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9. Jaguar XJ

Grace, pace and space – that was the old Jaguar slogan, and the XJ certainly offers all three in spades. It’s great fun to drive, endowed with a handsome interior, and it comes with plenty of equipment too. Only cramped rear quarters and a ride that’s a touch on the firm side spoil the party – but the Jaguar is nevertheless a compelling choice if driving enjoyment is high on your list.

We found: 2013 3.0 TD Premium Luxury, 32,000 miles, Β£22,999

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8. Audi A8

The lavish interior and the way it wafts down the road in near-silence will make the Audi A8 the ultimate luxury car for some. It’s distinctly understated, too which will only add to its appeal for many buyers, and it represents impressive value compared with many rivals. It finishes lower down the ranking here, primarily because it doesn’t ride quite as smoothly as it could; if you’re used to a firmer ride, though, you probably won’t mind.

We found: 2014 3.0 TDi SE Executive, 31,000 miles, Β£26,920

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