Top 10 used MPVs for less than Β£10,000 (and the ones to avoid)

Β£10,000 buys you an awful lot of used MPV these days. So what's out there, and which should you be test-driving?

Words By Alex Robbins

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Best used MPVs for Β£10,000

Choosing the best used MPV isn’t the matter of a moment. First you have to consider whether you need seven seats or can make do with just five. Then you need to work out whether you want a petrol or a diesel. And, of course, there's the matter of size – just how big an MPV do you want to choose?

Fortunately, a Β£10,000 budget gives you plenty of options, with the smallest MPVs that provide a great balance between family space and manoeuvrability, but also larger options which offer enough room for anything you might wish to throw at them.

And buying an MPV these days doesn’t have to mean giving up a little slice of your soul, either. Many modern people-carriers are enjoyable to drive and good to look at, while the extra practicality they offer will widen your smile still further. Without further ado, then, here’s our round-up of the very best MPVs Β£10,000 will buy you.

Best used MPVs for less than Β£10,000

10. Nissan Note

The Nissan Note's compact size makes it easy to drive in town, and yet its tall stature means there's a good amount of space in both the front and the rear seats. Frugal engines make it cheap to run, and it's incredibly cheap to buy, too, which means it's tremendous value. Downsides? Well, it doesn't ride quite as well as the best small MPVs and it isn't a heap of fun to drive. But there are loads of well-kept, well-equipped examples out there, so if space and value are your top priorities, this is a tempting little car.

We found: 2015 1.2 DIG-S Acenta, 15,000 miles, Β£9500

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9. Ford Grand C-Max

Take one look inside the Ford Grand C-Max, and you'll find its obvious downside. Its rearmost row of seats is rather dinky, which means they're best reserved for small children. However, if all you need is an occasional third row, the C-Max has some things to recommend it. First up, it's cheap. Second, there are lots of good versions around: plenty of high-specification Titanium models and a good spread of petrol and diesel options. Finally, the C-Max's trump card is that it's terrific fun to drive, rather unexpectedly given its dumpy looks. So if you want an MPV that involves, it makes a good deal of sense.

We found: 2015 1.6 TDCI Titanium, 26,000 miles, Β£9537

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8. Ford Galaxy

The venerable Ford Galaxy has long been one of the prime candidates for buyers in need of as much space as possible, without resorting to a minibus. It is, quite simply, enormous, with seating for seven adults and even a bit of space for luggage. The downside to that size is that there are smaller seven-seaters that might be better suited if you only need that third row occasionally. Nevertheless, if space is all, there’s little better for this sort of money. Powershift automatics can be troublesome and need frequent fluid changes, so check the history for evidence of this, and avoid ex-taxis.

We found: 2012 2.0 TDCi 140 Titanium auto, 60,000 miles, Β£9590

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