Best used small cars for less than £10,000

Small cars can be fun and frugal alternatives to larger vehicles. Here are 10 of the best for less than £10,000...

Small cars are the jack of all trades.Image 1 of 21

They can be a hoot to drive, they can be compact premium vehicles – ideal for congested city streets – and they can be reliable, good-value transport serving as a second family car. And right now, with many trying to avoid public transport due to the pandemic, a great affordable small car is a wonderful thing to have.

Deciding which one to buy used can be daunting due to the diversity of what’s available today. You could go for an evergreen such as the Ford Fiesta or splash out on something more fashionable such as the Audi A1 or Mini. Rest assured, there’s something for everyone and our list reflects this. Take a look at our top ten to see what takes your fancy:

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