Best and worst convertibles 2017

The summer sunshine is here and that means now is the perfect time to buy a convertible car. We name the ones you should look for and the ones to steer clear of come rain or shine

Words ByDarren Moss

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Best convertible cars

With the summer sun in full flow, now is the perfect time to buy a convertible car. Even at this time of year, though, convertibles and cabriolets still have to offer more than just good looks. Sure, a drop-top is never going to be the most practical choice for families, but it still needs to be refined, comfortable and economical enough to drive every day, whatever the weather.

Of course, all this is pointless if the car isn't any fun to drive, so the best open-tops out there need to strike a good balance between performance and practicality.

Here are our favourite convertibles and the ones we think you should avoid. And, remember, before you start shopping for your new car, take a look at our New Car Buyer Marketplace to see how much we could save you on your next car.

The best convertible cars

10. VW Golf Cabriolet

There's no denying that, in terms of practicality, the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet isn't up to the same standards as the bestselling Golf hatchback. That said, it's certainly a charming car and remains enjoyable to drive. There's genuine space for four inside and there's a version to suit all tastes – including a hot 261bhp R version, if you desire a whole lot of speed from your drop-top.

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Our pick: 1.4 TSI 125 SE

9. BMW 2 Series Convertible

With prices for the BMW 2 Series Convertible starting from Β£27,540, it's more expensive than many of the models listed over the following pages. That said, it's fun to drive and comfortable over long distances. Our recommended Sport trim gets you sports seats and bespoke alloy wheels – and the 220d engine we recommend is punchy yet reasonably economical.

Our pick: 220d Sport

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8. BMW 4 Series Convertible

The second BMW offering on our list is the larger 4 Series. It isn't the most spacious four-seat model out there, but it does offer striking looks outside and a quiet, upmarket experience inside. We'd stick with SE specification, which has most bases covered, and team it with the smooth 420d engine.

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Our pick: 420d SE

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