Best and worst hot hatches 2017

What's the best hot hatch money can buy? We name our favourites and reveal the ones to avoid at all costs

Words ByClaire Evans

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4. Mercedes-AMG A45

There's no getting over the fact that the Mercedes-AMG A45 is an expensive choice. What that price buys you, though, is some blistering straight-line speed and impressive cornering ability. Combine those talents with a mighty 375bhp engine and a quick automatic gearbox, and this is a very capable hot hatchback. Just be aware that most rivals listed here have similar talents for considerably less money.

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3. BMW M140i

The M140i might sit between M Sport trim and the fully fledged M cars, but it’s closer to the original spirit of M than any of the bombastic, overweight models that currently wear the badge. This is mostly thanks to its outrageous pace, which is combined with a chassis that bristles with feel. It's crazily quick and handles beautifully, yet it provides just as much pleasure at moderate speeds.

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2. Ford Focus RS

We're well into five-star car territory with the Ford Focus RS. With a total of 345bhp on tap, it's one of the most powerful hatchbacks around, and it's also got four-wheel drive and can sprint to 62mph from a standing start in under 5.0sec. It's also surprisingly affordable, with a starting price of Β£31,765 - that makes it significantly cheaper than some of the more premium choices on this list.

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