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The car youll want to own
Lexuss compact executive comes top for satisfaction

Best car
Lexus IS
Lexus wins again although this year the IS compact executive, rather than the RX 4x4, has taken the laurels.

Its a return to the top for the IS; it has won overall three times before, and has never fallen out of the top five.

The IS was awarded the maximum five stars in every category apart from mechanical reliability and interior quality, which received still-impressive four-star ratings.

Even then, complaints were restricted to niggles, such as tyre wear.

Best Manufacturer
Another year, another victory for Lexus, which has taken the top spot in JD Power every year it has featured. Its cause is helped by the fact that only two of its cars, the IS and RX, are included (not enough people rated Lexuss other cars for them to appear in the survey). Nevertheless, the praise is unstinting, highlighting brilliant quality, fantastic reliability and outstanding customer service.

and the ones you wont

Worst car
Ford Ka
When the Ka finished bottom of last years JD Power survey Ford had a worthy excuse: the car had been around for almost 15 years, while the majority of its rivals were less than half its age. This year Ford has no such defence. The all-new second-generation Ka has just made its JD Power debut
and, shockingly, it finished bottom of the entire survey.

In fact, according to owners, the new car is even worse than the old one in some key areas. Fords money-saving approach of building the Ka around the same platform used by the Fiat 500 rather than assembling one from scratch clearly hasnt impressed owners.

Worst manufacturer
After years of hanging around in the lower third of results, Vauxhall has hit rock bottom. No wonder, when you consider it hasnt got a single car in the survey that rates above the industry average score. Poor dealer service is noted by owners of all models, too.

Vauxhalls newest car is its best-performing model: the Insignia is in 69th= place out of 108 cars. The worst individual result was for the Corsa, which came in a very poor 106th.