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We have hundreds of tempting deals online at whatcar.com every day of the week, but which do you think is the biggest of them all right now?

There's one car that's being offered with a huge five-figure discount off its list price, but can you guess what vehicle it is?

What's the biggest discount of them all?
Try and work out the car with the biggest saving by looking through the clues below - and you can even learn how to drive down all of your motoring costs along the way.

Just read the clues and check out our 'Remember' sections to let whatcar.com help you save cash when buying a new car.

β€’ Discounts naturally tend to get bigger as the list price grows, so our headline car (a 4x4) isn't cheap, even after a whopping saving of 12,228 off its RRP of just over 64,000.

You don't have to spend a fortune to save a s.

The What Car? Target Price shows you can save 1095 off the price of our Car of the Year, the Peugeot 3008 1.6 THP Sport, for instance, and plenty more on hundreds of other cars. You can expect 13.75% off the price of a Ford Fiesta (save from 1664 to 2224), 6% off a Volkswagen Golf (discounts range from 996 to 1470), or around 4% on a Mazda 6 (save between 1634 and 1996).

β€’ Our mystery car is also about to be replaced by an all-new model with better performance and improved economy so its already weak resale values are likely to take a further hit. Expect it to lose at least 43,250 over three years.

Depreciation is the single biggest cost of car ownership.

Check out how well the cars you're considering will retain their value with our free tables here.

Audi's TT currently retains the most of its original value after three years, holding on to as much as 71% of the list price, while the Citroen Xsara Picasso is at the other end of the spectrum. It holds on to just 20% of its original price.

β€’ Then there are the other running costs. Servicing will set you back at least 1620 over three years, while insurance will be around 3534. Even though it's a diesel-powered car you can expect to fork out a minimum of 7685 in fuel over 36,000 miles, because its official fuel consumption figure is just 23.7mpg.

You can find all of these other running costs in the car reviews section of whatcar.com here.

You can also line up your shortlisted cars with our comparison tool to see how they do against each other like this.

What's the answer?
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It's the Volkswagen Touareg
Coast2coastcars.co.uk is offering the Volkswagen Touareg 5.0 TDi R50 for 52,457, more than 12,000 less than its list price.

The new Touareg range goes on sale in June and will include a petrol-electric hybrid version that's cheaper, much more economical and slightly faster than the R50.

The 3.3-litre V6 hybrid is likely to cost 57,000 and is 10.7mpg more efficient on the official combined cycle at 34.4mpg. It can manage 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 149mph 0.2 seconds and 3mph faster than the V10 diesel.