Birds cause 57m of damage to cars

  • Bird droppings cause 57m of damage
  • 89% of motorists affected in the last year
  • Resale values have also been hit
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British drivers are facing repair bills mounting to 57m a year on their cars... due to bird poo.

A study from Zurich Insurance has found that 89% of motorists' cars have been 'struck' in the last 12 months, with 4% of these claiming to fall victim to this on a daily basis.

Bird droppings - or 'lime' as it's technically known - aren't just an unsightly addition to our cars, though. 38% of affected drivers have reported permanent damage, with 8% saying the acidic deposits have eaten away at the paintwork.

It's not just the paint that bears the brunt of the birds' best efforts - 13% of motorists claim that marks from the droppings have taken 200 off their cars at resale time, with 7% saying that as much as 400 has been knocked off the car's value.

However, Mike Quinton, managing director for Direct & Partnerships at Zurich Insurance, says that prevention is the best course of action.

'Three quarters of cars are mainly parked outside, so a car cover can be a wise investment,' he said.

'Also, never wipe off droppings with a dry cloth - as many drivers have discovered, the grit and seeds in bird lime can easily scratch your car's paintwork.'