BMW 3 Series GT reviewed by readers

* 3 Series hatch with raised driving position * Priced above the 3 Series Touring * On sale in June, from 28,830...

BMW 3 Series GT reviewed by readers

The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo is designed to slot in between the regular 3 Series (saloon and Touring) and the larger 5 Series in BMW's executive line-up. What do What Car? readers make of it?

The 3 Series GT offers a raised driving position and more boot space with the seats up than even the 3 Series Touring - but it also costs more.

The entry-level model will be the 181bhp 320i GT SE, at 28,830; that's around 3000 more than the equivalent saloon, and 1700 more than than a 320i SE Touring, but still cheaper than the entry-level 5 Series.

Will its blend of oddball styling, a premium cabin and greater practicality have appeal, particularly among company car choosers?

Watch the video below to see what What Car? readers thought about the car at an exclusive pre-launch event at our own studio in south London. The readers also had the chance to look at the current 3 Series saloon to see how the two compared.