BMW 5 Series 4WD for 2013

* BMW 5 Series 4wd model is likely * Scheduled for early 2013 * 3 Series 4WD models due in 2012...

16 January 2012
BMW 5 Series 4WD for 2013

A four-wheel-drive BMW 5 series saloon could be launched early next year, a company insider has told What Car?.

The source revealed that the introduction of a four-wheel-drive version of the 5 Series would depend on demand for the four-wheel-drive 3 Series xDrive that will be launched this September.

BMW is planning to offer the 3 Series xDrive as a saloon in the UK, and any four-wheel-drive 5 Series would be likely to follow the same course.

Unlike Audis Allroad models that come with plastic body cladding, the four-wheel-drive 3 Series and 5 Series xDrive models will be limited to mechanical upgrades.

The xDrive four-wheel-drive system is electronically controlled, and distributes power between the wheels where required; improving traction and cornering ability. BMW has announced the system will also be available for the 6 Series in other markets, but not for the UK.

Meanwhile, the Z4 roadster will get a new folding roof, which can be lowered at speeds of up to 25mph. The opening time has also been reduced from 22 seconds to 19 seconds.