BMW Active Hybrids

  • What are hybrid cars?
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BMW offers an Active Hybrid version of its three main saloons – the 3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series. All three are powered the same 3.0-litre petrol engine and electric motor combination, but the two smaller cars offering a 306bhp power output, while the 7 Series is boosted to 320bhp.

The use of a petrol engine means the BMW hybrids are very much performance orientated, with all three boasting a sub six seconds 0-62mph time.

The large engine means that they are not the most efficient models in their ranges though, with CO2 outputs starting at 139g/km, 149g/km and 158g/km respectively. This means they lag behind the smallest diesels in the BMW ranges, but are just as efficient as the more powerful versions and don't come with the 3% company car tax penalty that diesel attracts.

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