BMW M Sport trim tweaked

  • Option of 'standard' suspension settings
  • No extra charge
  • Available from September
Words By What Car? Staff

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An article image
An article image

BMW will make changes to its M Sport trim across its entire range, sources have revealed.

Previously, M Sport trim added a range of visual upgrades and stiffer suspension. From September, however, you'll be able to order M Sport trim with standard suspension, for those that prefer sporty looks but want a more comfortable ride.

BMW also plans to roll out the latest generation of run-flat tyres across its range.

The ones used for the latest 7 Series are made of a special rubber compound that stiffens up only once the tyre starts to go flat, meaning in normal use they're softer and give a more forgiving ride than earlier run-flats. All new BMW models will now use this new generation of run-flat tyres.