BMW M3 Coupe gets stop-start

* First for BMW M3 * CO2 down, mpg up * New sporty 'Competition Package', too...

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What Car? Staff
17 February 2010

BMW M3 Coupe gets stop-start

BMW's M3 will get an engine stop-start system as standard from next month.

The Coupe, Convertible and Saloon already get a brake-energy-regeneration system, but the fuel-saving and CO2-cutting engine stop-start is a first for such a high performance car.

For stop-start versions of the M3 in Saloon and Coupe form, average fuel economy is improved from 23.7mpg to 25.2mpg, while emissions are cut from 285g/km to 263g/km.
The M3 convertible has its average fuel economy boosted from 23mpg to 24.6mpg, and its CO2 emissions trimmed from 293g/km to 269gkm.

New competition package
BMW will also introduce a new competition package for the M3, which includes:
• Electronic shock absorber control
• A new Sport setting
• Revised stability control system
• New 19-inch alloy wheels

The Competition Package is priced at 3315 in addition to the standard BMW M3 Coupes 52,730 OTR price. It will be available from March 20.