BMW M3 pick-up revealed

  • 414bhp V8 M3 pick-up
  • Car actually exists
  • Comes with 450kg loadbay and tow bar
Words By What Car? Staff

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An article image
An article image

We'll try to keep these April Fool stories to a minimum today, but can't resist this because the photos are of a real car.

Yes, BMW has built a pick-up version of its M3 performance car.

The pick-up has 414bhp V8 engine and a 450kg loadbay.

BMW says the car is as aerodynamic as the M3 Coupe, has a top speed of 186mph and unlike any other car in the M series range, it can carry up to 20 golf bags and comes with a tow bar.

Unsurprisingly, BMW says the M3 pick-up is a one-off.