BMW X2 long-term test review

The new X2 aims to transpose the stylish formula of the larger X4 and X6 into a smaller yet equally practical package – and we're running one for four months to see if it's a success...

BMW X2 long-term test review
  • The car BMW X2 xDrive20d M Sport
  • Run by Darren Moss, deputy editor
  • Why it’s here To see if BMW can successfully transpose its coupé-SUV formula from the X4 and X6 onto a smaller car
  • Needs to Be comfortable and economical for the daily commute, spacious for family and friends, and able to function as a mobile office on longer trips

Price £37,940 Price as tested £43,585 Miles covered 3687 Official fuel economy 58.9mpg Test economy 43.7mpg Options Tech Pack (£1260), Vision Pack (£710), touring fuel tank (£40), 19in alloy wheels with performance tyres (£550), Electronic Damper Control (£150), M Sports steering (£220), Comfort Access (£350), bike rack preparation (£180), luggage compartment separating net (£105), sun protection glass (£270), electric front seats (£650), park distance control front and rear (£340), extended interior lighting (£220), Harman Kardon stereo (£600)

30 May 2018 – added value from adding range

An increasing number of new cars now come with selectable driving modes, which can prioritise either performance or fuel economy depending on your needs. In the X2, I’ve got two to choose from: Sport and so-called Eco Pro. And it’s the latter that I’ve been using on almost every journey recently.

Not only does it dull the accelerator response, lighten the steering and keep the engine in higher gears – standard fare for getting the most out of every tank – but it also displays how many extra miles you’re able to cover in the instrument cluster.

BMW X2 long-term test review

I think this is a genius idea, because while ‘eco’ buttons and driving modes are becoming more commonplace in cars (even the Dacia Sandero, which we ran as part of our fleet, had one), the real-world result of using them is often hard to see.

BMW X2 long-term test review

On my 12-mile daily commute, for example, I can regularly add about half a mile of extra range just by driving in Eco Pro mode, and so far I’ve racked up 3.5 miles on a quarter of a tank. If that continues, I’ll be going 14 extra miles before I have to visit the pumps than I would otherwise. Sounds like a win to me.

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