Brake recall for Citroen C3 Picasso

* 20,000 C3 Picassos to be recalled * Passenger can activate the brake * Cars suddenly brake without driver input...

Brake recall for Citroen C3 Picasso

Citroen is to recall more than 20,000 C3 Picassos after evidence emerged that the car's brakes can be inadvertently activated by the front-seat passenger.

An investigation by the BBC's Watchdog programme revealed the brake system beneath the passenger floor was easy to press.

Sudden braking from 70mph
A business had contacted the programme after one of its drivers reported its C3 Picasso suddenly braked from 70mph.

Citroen said there had been no reports of the problem before the Watchdog programme, but that it would recall the C3 Picasso because of the 'remote possibility' it could happen again.

Citroen said: 'The recall will require the fitment of an additional component to isolate the braking mechanism from the front seat passenger.'

'In the meantime, C3 Picasso owners should continue to use their cars as normal. Customers who want further advice or information are asked to call the Citroen contact centre on 01753 475862, or to e-mail'

What about Peugeot cars?
Citroen shares many components of its cars with sister company Peugeot, however its alliance partner says its unlikely to suffer from the same issue that Citroen has with the C3 Picasso. This, Peugeot claims, is because it fits a protective plate to prevent such problems occurring.