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Buy it now

In among all the future technology, it's hard to lose sight of the fact that you can make a significant contribution to greener motoring now.

The Sexy Green Car Show is also highlighting initiatives such as eco-driving techniques, greener car washes and alternative methods of transport to the car, from push bikes to electric-powered buggies.

But there are also numerous production cars on display that can be described as green.

If you want big cars, there's Ford's Kuga, which emits the lowest amount of carbon dioxide of all 4x4s (169g/km), through to Citroen's Grand C4 Picasso (150g/km for the 1.6 HDi), which can transport seven people in comfort.

Mid-size cars such as the Honda Civic Hybrid are already well-established, while Ford is showing off its new Focus Econetic, which it hopes will appeal to eco-conscious buyers.

At the other end of the scale, there are dinky cars such as Fiat's 500 and Citroen's C1. Their low emissions ensure you pay low VED road tax rates and, if London's Congestion Charge plans go ahead this October, nothing to enter the capital.