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Car of the Year Awards 2022: Best plug-in hybrid for long distances

The best plug-in hybrid cars offer a long all-electric range, reducing fuel consumption, emissions and tax bills. Yet they must still drive well and not compromise on practicality...

Best plug-in hybrid for long distances

BMW X5 xDrive45e M Sport

Car of the Year 2022 - MotorEasy

If you’re in the market for a plug-in hybrid, economy and cost-effectiveness are probably high up your list of priorities. However, if doing longer journeys in great comfort is equally important, the BMW X5 xDrive45e luxury SUV is right up your street.

The interior is much the same as any other X5’s, and that’s to its credit because it means everything feels expensive and beautifully put together. Plus, there’s a huge range of electric seat adjustment to help the driver get comfortable and ensure they stay that way.

BMW X5 dashboard

The X5 also has an uncanny ability to shut out wind noise, and its standard air suspension gives you a super-smooth ride. All that makes it a great place to cover big miles. The only direct rival that gets close for interior comfort is the Audi Q7 55 TFSIe, but while the Q7 can officially do 25 electric-only miles, the X5 thrashes it with its 52-mile range.

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