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What Car? videos preview new cars, show what readers think of upcoming cars and review the latest models

Words By Tom Webster

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What Car? videos cover a variety of topics. We preview the latest models before they go on sale, see what the public think of new cars and take an in-depth look at the cars on the market in our reviews.

Our 'Five key things..." videos are filmed well ahead of a car's arrival in UK dealerships, and allow us to get up close and personal with a new model. We take a look at what is new about a certain car, see how it has changed from the version it replaces, where relevant, and see how it compares to the other models in its class.

The Reader Test Team videos are also filmed before, or just as, a car goes on sale and take a look at how a car is viewed by the people at who it is aimed. Our readers get to take a close look at the new car, talk to the people behind it and sometimes take the car out on the road.

Finally, we review the most important new models to go on sale. We take a look at all the crucial areas to consider when buying a car - how it drives, the practicality, the cabin and how much it costs to buy and run.

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