Our cars: Fresh eyes on our Lexus, Fiesta gets serviced and Hyundai i10 loves summer

Today's updates discuss tackling urban London in the lulling Lexus, getting top service from a Ford dealer and finding that the Hyundai copes admirably with summer in the city, but you might want to bring your gloves

Words ByNigel Donnelly

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Every day we take a look at a few of the cars we drive here at What Car?. Today it is the turn of our Lexus IS300h, our Ford Fiesta ST and the dinky Hyundai i10.

The Lexus has been in the hands of one of our colleagues from Practical Caravan magazine, although not for towing duty. Simon has used the car to commute back and forth from central London to What Car?'s home in the captial's south-west corner. You can read his first impressions of the sharp-looking executive hybrid by clicking here.

The Ford Fiesta ST, which is run by production editor, Euan Doig is one of our fleet favourites. Even the best car can be undone by poor dealer service, and with the first service looming large on the horizon for the fast Ford, we had fingers crossed it would all work out fine. Little did we know it would be us causing the problems. Full story here.

Finally, our deputy consumer editor is enjoying his time with What Car?'s city car of the year, the Hyundai i10. Perhaps not the most exciting thing on four wheels, but for metropolitan Matt, a small car that's easy to drive and has ice-cold air-con is all right by him. Find out about the painful lesson he learned, however, in his latest report.

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