Check your tyres with your iPhone

* Free app from TyreSafe * Tells you the correct pressures * Just enter your car registration...

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What Car? Staff
6 Oct 2010 11:09 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

TyreSafe has launched a free new iPhone application (app) that tells you the correct pressure for your tyres.

Released as part of October's tyre safety month, the app is available through the travel and navigation sections of the iPhone Store. The app lists the correct pressure in bar and PSI.

The correct tyre pressure for your car is obtained by entering its registration number into the app.

Tyre pressure matters
Use a quality pressure gauge to check the pressure of your tyres and keep them properly inflated. Under-inflated tyres will wear faster, increase your fuel bills, compromise handling and are more likely to suffer a sudden blowout.