Chevrolet: service and warranty deal

* Five-year warranty * and three years' servicing * Plus: new scrappage offer...

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What Car? Staff
06 April 2010

Chevrolet: service and warranty deal

Chevrolet is offering a five-year warranty and three years' free servicing on selected models.

Available until June 30, the offer trumps the recently announced deal from Toyota, which offers the warranty or the servicing, but not both.

Unlike the Toyota offer, which is available on any model in the range, Chevrolet's deal is restricted to its Chevrolet Aveo reviewAveo supermini or Chevrolet Cruze review Cruze small family car.

Scrappage offer
Chevrolet has also launched its own scrappage incentive, which guarantees at least 2000 trade-in for all cars between six and 10 years old until the end of June. The 'Switch and Save' promotion is available on all models except the Spark and Matiz and is open to anyone who has owned their car since January 2010.

Remember, though, that your car might be worth more than the 2000 minimum offer from Chevrolet. Get a free valuation from us and make sure you're getting a good price.