Citroen C3 gets touch of glass

* New windscreen design * Cleaner and greener engines * In showrooms early 2010...

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What Car? Staff
29 June 2009

Citroen C3 gets touch of glass

Citroen has released details of its completely redesigned C3.

The revamped C3 gets a dramatic new windscreen, which extends up and over the heads of the car's front-seat occupants. The screen is further enhanced by thin side pillars and progressively tinted glass, which improves both visibility and overhead sun protection.

The new C3 will be greener than ever, too, with a 90bhp HDi version available from launch that produces C02 emissions of just 99g/km.

The arrival of new engines in 2011 will include diesel units that emit as little as 90g/km of CO2 and sub-100g/km petrols.

Despite the C3's compact measurements 3.94m long, 1.71m wide it has 300 litres of luggage space and numerous cubbyholes throughout the cabin also enhance its practicality.

The revised Citroen C3 will arrive in showrooms by early 2010.