Citroen C3 Picasso - more pictures

* More pics of Meriva rival * Debuts at Paris motor show * Should cost around 10,500...

Citroen C3 Picasso - more pictures

Citroen has revealed more photographs of its new C3 Picasso MPV.

The Vauxhall Meriva rival will be seen in the metal for the first time at the Paris motor show next month and will be the fourth Picasso model to join the Citroen range when if goes on sale here next summer.

The Citroen is just 30mm longer, 36mm wider and identical in height to the Vauxhall. In fact, the C3 Picasso is marginally smaller than the original Xsara Picasso, yet it manages to cram in a similar amount of interior space. With the rear seats in the C3 slid forward, there's 500 litres of boot space - the same as in the Xsara Picasso, which Citroen says it will continue to sell.

As is the vogue with MPVs these days, the C3 Picasso is packed with clever storage solutions. Those sliding rear seats are split two thirds to one third, and have adjustable seatbacks and a ski hatch for long, narrow loads.

If you need to shift something a little wider and longer (2.48m long, to be precise), the rear seats fold down simply at the touch of a button, the boot floor can be raised to the higher of two levels, and the front passenger seat can fold flat.

Citroen has even solved the perennial problem of somewhere to story the luggage cover if you need to fold down the rear seats - there's room for it under the twin-level boot floor.

Great view out
Once again, Citroen has produced a view out of a Picasso that's second-to-none. Using similar tricks to 'hide' the front A-pillars as in the C4 Picassos, the C3 Picasso offers passengers a real 'widescreen' view forward.

The front screen may not reach quite as far up into the roof as in the C4 Picassos, but it still helps the C3 to feel far more airy than rival mini MPVs - especially if the optional panoramic sunroof is fitted.

There'll also be instruments that are angled towards the driver, and the dash design and quality is also impressive. Even the doors have been designed to provide plenty of storage while still looking good.

Engine line up
The C3 Picasso sits on the same platform as the Peugeot 207, although Citroen is quick to point out that it will be less sporty and more comfort-orientated.

Engines also come from the 207 - 90bhp and 110bhp 1.6 diesels, as well as 95bhp and 115bhp petrol engines which are shared with the latest Minis.

Expect prices to be competitive against the likes of the Vauxhall Meriva and Renault's Grand Modus, meaning a starting price in the region of 10,500.