Citroen DS4 and C4

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29 September 2010

Citroen DS4 and C4

The Paris motor show also hosted the world premieres of the Citroen C4 and DS4.

The all-new C4 small family car goes on sale in the UK early next year, and Citroen says it will have exceptional quality, style, interior space and comfort.

The new C4 is a little bigger than the model it replaces, but it now boasts a 408-litre boot one of the biggest in its class.

The manufacturer also promises that the car will have responsive handling, with the range including models with CO2 outputs of 109g/km from launch - and, later, 99g/km. That could mean average economy figures as high as 74mpg.

The new C4 will allow owners to add their own personality to the car, such as adjustments to the colour of the instruments and selecting from a range of polyphonic sound alerts.

There are also some high-end comfort options, such as massaging seats, as well as high-tech offerings such as a new blind-spot monitoring system, active headlights and a speed-limiter that knows the limit of the road you're on.

Were not sure about prices yet, but expect it to cost from around 15,000.

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Whats a DS4?
Its the second model in the premium DS range. It's based on the new C4, and is intended to be a five-door family-oriented luxury model instead of a three-door sporty hatch, like the DS3.

The DS4 is a little taller and shorter than the C4, but still looks like a semi-sporty SUV, with styling elements from the High Rider concept car that Citroen showed at the Geneva motor show earlier this year. It also looks a little more extreme than the C4, with a steep rear roof and hatch that could limit passenger space.

Power will come from tuned versions of the engines from the C4, including the diesels with the e-HDI engine stop-start feature. The DS4 is expected to go on sale a few months after the C4.