Citroen's eye-catching Paris concept car

* No doors for Lacoste concept car * Inflatable roof and retracting windscreen * No plans to build the Mini Moke-alike...

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What Car? Staff
22 September 2010

Citroen's eye-catching Paris concept car

Citroen has pulled out all of the wacky stops for this Lacoste concept car, which it will be on display at the Paris motor show from the end of September.

The four-seater has no doors, no hard roof and a retractable windscreen to 'heighten the senses'.

Front-seat head restraints hang off a spine that runs from front to back and also houses an inflatable roof for when the heavens open.

The rear seats slide into the boot to create more space for carrying the full gamut of sports equipment such as surfboards, skis and mountain bikes.

There's certainly plenty to look at, so check out the gallery. It could be possible that certain design traits could make it into a future DS2 model, but we're told there are no production plans for the Lacoste or anything close to it.