Cleanest, greenest Vauxhall Corsa

* Corsa Ecoflex emits 98g/km of CO2 * Covers 76.3mpg * Order from January 2010...

Cleanest, greenest Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa Ecoflex is Vauxhall's most economical car and will be available to order from January 2010.

In three-door form, the Corsa Ecoflex will emit just 98g/km of carbon dioxide, while the five-door model is marginally less efficient, with carbon dioxide emissions of 99g/km. Both versions fall into the lowest (13%) bracket for company car tax.

The Corsa Ecoflex gives average fuel consumption of 76.3mpg, and is exempt from road tax.

Cleaner and more powerful
As well as being cleaner and more efficient, the car's 1.3-litre diesel engine is also more powerful: up from 74bhp to 93bhp.

The Corsa Ecoflex's ride height has been lowered by 20mm. The car is available in Life or Club trim. Life trim uses low-friction tyres on 14-inch steel rims. Club models have 15-inch steel rims, with alloys as an option.

Prices will be announced soon.