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Don't buy a new car until you've read this – our ultimate guide to the new models coming in 2017 and beyond

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Electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars

Note: Buyers of electric vehicles (EVs) are eligible for a Government grant of Β£4500, or Β£2500 for plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). Prices listed here are without the grant applied.

BMW i3 and BMW i3S (early 2018)

BMW's popular futuristic-looking all-electric city car will be updated with light design tweaks and a new sporty range-topping model added to its line-up. The new i3S will offer improved straight-line performance and a more sporting character, making it the first proper electric hot hatch. It will get an uprated version of the current i3's rear-mounted electric motor, which in the standard car produces 168bhp and 184lb ft of torque. Price (est) From Β£34,000

BMW i8 facelift and i8 Spyder (early 2018)

BMW's radical electric sports coupΓ© will be updated next year and be joined by a Spyder model with a removable roof. The regular i8’s lights will be tweaked with a more intricate LED design and it will get pronounced lumps on its rear adjoining to the roof. The infotainment will also be updated and will include gesture control. The roadster, like the facelifted coupΓ©, could get a 10% power hike for its petrol-electric hybrid powertrain, which would take power up to 420bhp. Price (est) From Β£106,000

Hyundai hydrogen SUV (summer 2018)

While hydrogen-fuelled electric cars offer some big benefits over electric cars that need to be plugged in to a charger, such as a longer driving range and quicker refuelling, the infrastucture isn't yet there to support them. Hyundai has been a pioneer in this field with its ix35 Fuel Cell SUV. Due to replace that car next year is an all-new model with a claimed range of 497 miles. It has 161bhp, which is 20% more than the ix35 Fuel Cell, and it's 9% more efficient, too. Inside, it has an interior similar to that of the Ioniq PHEV but with a large, horizontal screen in place of a traditional dashboard. Price (est) From Β£55,000

Hyundai Kona-E (late 2018)

Hyundai's new Seat Arona rival is being launched this month, and later next year it will get an electric variant. No details have yet been confirmed, but Hyundai officials say they are aiming for the Kona EV to have a driving range of around 240 miles. Price (est) From Β£30,000

Jaguar I-Pace (early 2018)

The I-Pace is Jaguar's first electric car and takes the form of a small SUV. With an ability to travel more than 310 miles on a single charge, it surpasses the range of the world’s only other all-electric SUV, the Tesla Model X. What's more, its two motors give it four-wheel drive and a combined 395bhp, and allow the car to achieve 0-60mph in around four seconds. Price (est) From Β£55,000

Nissan Leaf (summer 2018)

The Leaf electric hathback arrived round and wide-eyed, but in its second generation it has a determined glare in the stlye of the latest Nissan Micra. Crucially, the Leaf's real-life driving range has risen by 81 miles to 235 miles, thanks to a new battery pack. It's also much more exciting to drive than its predecessor, with punchy performance and good agility in corners. It's another win on the practicality front, with an airier, better-laid-out interior with more room in the front and rear seats, plus a 435-litre boot. Price From Β£26,490

Nissan electric SUV (early 2019)

Nissan will also utilise the technology of the new Leaf hatchback to produce an electric small SUV that will be "slightly bigger than the Qashqai". Again, driving range will be around 200 miles, while the Leaf's forthcoming autonomous driving capabilities will also be shared. In 2012, Nissan revealed the Terra concept (pictured), which could give some clues to the electric SUV's styling. Price (est) From Β£35,000

Polestar 1 (summer 2019)

Volvo has found great success in recent years and now it's branching out with its own performance sub-brand, Polestar. The first model from Polestar will be a two-seat grand tourer coupΓ©, called the 1. The 1 has a design similar to Volvo's S90 saloon, while its powertrain is expected to be based on that of the Volvo XC90 T8 (a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine and an electric motor), with 592bhp. Price (est) From Β£70,000

Tesla Model 3 (early 2019)

The Model 3 is electric manufacturer Tesla’s most affordable car yet. A stylish small saloon, it will offer plenty of interior space, near-silent refinement, the latest in-car technology and stunning performance. Its range is expected to be around 250 miles. Price (est) From Β£30,000

Tesla Roadster (2020)

You'll have to wait until the end of the decade at least to get your hands on one, but yes, the second-generation Tesla Roadster is coming. The original was a showcase for Tesla's electric technology and based on the Lotus Elise. The next one is a real stunner – and the world's fastest-accelerating car, with 0-60mph taking a scarcely believable 1.9sec. Range is claimed to be 620 miles, which is almost 300 miles more than any electric car on sale today. Price (est) From Β£200,000 (est)

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