Company car advice special

  • Special company cars advice service
  • Free help from your personal What Car? expert
  • Your story included in a future What Car? publication
Words By Alex Newby

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Confused by company car tax? Cant decide whether to take your companys cash offer instead of a car? Then get in touch.

Were offering a special email advice service on company cars between April 16 and 18.

Email readertestteam@haynet.com by 10am on Monday, April 16 and an expert from the What Car? team will reply, to help solve your company car problems. Selected queries may be included in a future What Car? publication.

Please note: we will only be able to help answer your query if you have supplied all of the following information:

β€’ Full details of the car in question, if relevant

β€’ Your car allowance from your employer, and the cash alternative

β€’ Your personal tax rate 20% or 40%

β€’ A good-quality head-and-shoulders photo of yourself

β€’ Your permission to photograph you to illustrate your story, if necessary. (For photoshoots we will liaise with you to find a time that suits both you and our photographer).