Company car tax rates

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Company car tax rates
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David Motton
28 Jul 2008 11:00

A company car can be much cheaper to run than a vehicle you own yourself, but you'll pay tax for the privilege.

How much you'll fork out depends on the value of the car, its carbon dioxide emissions and whether you are a lower or higher-rate tax payer.

Youll be taxed on the cars P11d value, which is the on-the-road price (including the cost of extras), less the cost of first registration and road tax.

Youll then be taxed on a percentage of this figure the more the car pollutes, the more you pay.

You then pay tax at your income tax rate. So, for example, if the car has a P11d value of 20,000, sits in the 25% tax band (see table), and youre a higher rate tax payer, you'll pay: 20,000 x 0.25 x 0.40 = 2000.

You can find our online company car tax calculator here.