Cut speed, save lives, lower emissions

* Safety group links speed, safety and emissions * Urges European Union to act * UK alone could cut one million tonnes of CO2...

25 April 2008
Cut speed, save lives, lower emissions

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) wants more stringent measures introduced to combat speeding so that carbon dioxide emissions can be cut.

The call to the European Union, made in an ETSC policy paper called Managing speed: towards safe and sustainable road transport highlights the correlation between speed and the increase in both accident rates and emissions.

It estimates that properly enforced speed limits would result in a fall of one million tonnes of CO2 emissions in the UK alone.

In addition, it is estimated that a 5% reduction in speed would result in a 10% fall in car accident injuries.

'Just by driving a bit more slowly every day, each of us can personally contribute to saving lives and creating a healthier planet,' said Gabriel Simcic, ETSC Project Officer.