Deal of the Day: Audi A5

Save nearly £7000 off the list price of an Audi A5 2.0 TDI 190 SE...

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Jimi Beckwith
10 February 2016

Deal of the Day: Audi A5

Our sister site, Autocar, recently reported that the replacement for the Audi A5 is in the pipeline. That means great deals on the outgoing model, so we’ve trawled the internet to find you the best deal on the best A5 there is.

We found a saving of £6855 off the A5 2.0 TDI 190 SE, which brings the price of the capable coupé down to that of a low-spec Volkswagen Passat

The car Audi A5 2.0 TDI 190 SE
The saving £6855
The discounted price £24,735
The online broker


The equipment on offer in the A5 SE is generous, with upgraded alloys, leather seats, a better stereo and rear parking sensors.

Running costs are kept low by the frugal and flexible 2.0-litre diesel engine – Audi claims fuel economy of more than 60mpg.

The A5 holds its value well, and examples with leather upholstery are all the more desirable, so you’ll get a good chunk of your money back, should you sell it on.


Audi’s reliability is still a chink in the brand’s armour, with the A5 scoring below average marks in the JD Power survey.

The ride of the A5 isn't perfect, and the problems S-Line suspension solves are replaced by a firm and crashy ride.

Should I add any options?

SE models are well-equipped to begin with, so we can’t think of anything you should need to add to the A5.

What next? 

Select Audi and A5 Coupe from the drop-down menus at, and select the A5 2.0 TDI 190 SE.