Deal of the day: BMW X6

Save more than £9000 on the price of a BMW X6 xDrive M50d Auto...

Deal of the day: BMW X6

The BMW X6 is a large, luxurious and stylish SUV. The list price of this xDrive M50d model is £67,590, but our saving of £9821 makes that price much more appealing.


Despite its size, the BMW X6 is superb to drive. It's remarkably agile on the road and supremely capable off road - helped in this case by the xDrive four-wheel drive system. The M50d diesel engine on offer here is one of the best options available, and when paired with BMW's automatic gearbox the result is a high-performance SUV.

The X6 is essentially a nimbler version of the X5, and that's no bad thing. It also means that inside, the two are effectively identical. Getting used to the X6's cabin takes some time, but everything is within easy reach and all the controls are user-friendly. Most models are well equipped, too.

If you're worried about the high asking price of the X6, rest assured that like most BMWs you'll get a fair chunk of that money back when it comes to selling the car on. It's also loaded with the latest electronic driver aids and safety systems.


Although the diesel engines on offer in the X6 are, on the whole, strong performers, they are beginning to show their age, and they aren't refined at low speeds - sending vibrations and noise into the cabin.

Despite being based on the practical X5, the X6's shape means it doesn't offer the same sense of space in the rear. There's plenty of leg and elbow room for rear passengers, but that sloping roof means that headroom is an issue. The small rear windows also mean that visibility isn't the X6's strongest point.

Deal of the day: BMW X6

Should I add any options?

Adaptive Dynamic Suspension is worth adding, even though it'll set you back £2295.

What are its rivals?

Rivals for the BMW X6 include premium SUV models like the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport, both well regarded SUVs in their own right. The Range Rover is a lot more expensive than the BMW, though.

Check out our video reviews of both cars below.

The car: BMW X6 xDrive M50d Auto

The saving: £9821

The list price: £67,590

The discounted price: £57,769.20

The broker: