Deal of the day: Ford Fiesta ST

Save more than £3400 on the Ford Fiesta 1.6T 180 Ecoboost ST-2...

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18 August 2015

Deal of the day: Ford Fiesta ST

The Ford Fiesta ST was up against the Vauxhall Corsa VXR in our recent group test and the Fiesta - our current Hot Hatch of the Year - was the clear winner. It's brilliant to drive, it has a superb engine, and it's cheaper to own than the Corsa. You can read our group test in full here.

The car: Ford Fiesta 1.6T 180 Ecoboost ST-2
The saving: £3439
The discounted price: £15,048
The broker:

Hot hatches don’t get any better than the Ford Fiesta ST. It is neither the most powerful, nor the fastest car among its peers, but its slick performance and sublime handling are second to none.

The standard Recaro sports seats are supremely supportive, there’s enough room in the back for a couple of passengers, and the boot is spacious enough for the weekly shop.

Ride quality is the biggest caveat in purchasing an ST. It’s decidedly firm, whether you’re cruising on smooth motorway or bumbling around town.

You might also be disappointed with some of the plastics in the cabin, and the exhaust noise will prove intrusive if you’re doing long journeys at high speed.

Should I add any options?
ST-2 is our favourite trim level and comes with part-leather trim, a higher-spec stereo, LED daytime running lights and keyless start, along with DAB digital radio and air-con. Cruise control can be added for £150, and a rear parking sensor costs £200.

Anything else I should know?
The quoted price includes a £925 discount when taking out a finance deal arranged by the dealer. If buying cash, you'll pay £15,973 with this deal.

What next?
If you want to take advantage of this discount, head to Drive the deal and use the menus to select the petrol versions of the Ford Fiesta.