Deal of the Day: Ford Focus ST

* Deals found on new Ford Focus ST * Prices only announced this week * Save almost £2700...

Deal of the Day: Ford Focus ST

Pricing for the new Ford Focus ST has only just been revealed, with the latest version of the hot hatch costing from £22,195, regardless of whether you go for petrol or diesel.

Even though the prices have only just been released, we have already found discounts on the new car of more than £2500.

The car Ford Focus ST-1
The saving £2694
The discounted price £19,502
The broker


We haven't driven the face-lifted version of the Ford Focus ST, but we have driven the lower-powered versions and things bode very well for this performance car. Given that the standard car is better to drive than the version it replaces, and offers a better ride, and handling that's superior to rivals like the Skoda Octavia, it is likely that the ST will follow the same pattern.

The previous version of the Focus ST was named our Hot Hatch of the Year for 2013, so the car is starting from a great base.

As it is, the pricing was aggressive at £22,195, but this saving makes it look like even more of a bargain.

The discounts are pretty much identical on the petrol and the diesel models, so the choice is purely down to personal preferance.


As much as we can heap praise on the outgoing version and the non-ST model, it's impossible to say how good the face-lifted car is without getting behind the wheel.

Going by the specification, the ST-1 is the cheapest and this deal makes performance really affordable, but you need to step up to ST-2 to get things like sports seats and LED daytime running lights. There are still discounts on this trim, and it is worth searching the broker sites for them as well.

Should I add anything?

Rather than heading for the options list, consider looking higher up the range, because the ST-2 and ST-3 add plenty of desirable equipment, and that might well be all you want.

What now?

Head to, then select Ford and Focus from the drop-down menus for more information.