Deal of the Day: Smart Forfour

Save almost £1500 on a Smart Forfour 0.9 Turbo 5dr Edition Black...

Deal of the Day: Smart Forfour
26 Jan 2016 09:49

Smart recently added the Edition Black and Edition White specs to its model line-up, bringing a host of new technology, styling and comfort features to the Fortwo and Forfour.

Smart says the Editions bring £1660 of equipment to the Prime spec on which it’s based for an £895 premium over that trim level, but the deal we’ve found takes a further £1479 off the list price. 

The car Smart Forfour 0.9 Turbo 5dr Edition Black
The saving £1479
The discounted price £12,325
The online broker


The Edition Black Forfour’s list of equipment is its selling point, although it’s the priciest among the Forfour range. This deal brings it down to more mid-range money.

It’s built alongside the Renault Twingo, so the two models share the same rear-engined, rear-drive set-up along with both cars’ party piece: an extra-tight turning circle which makes city driving and parking laughably easy.

Perhaps a less obvious strong point of the Forfour is its space. Although it’s only a four-seater, the Forfour offers more space than most city car rivals, with a flexible interior which is perfect for carrying more awkward loads.


A small back window restricts rear visibility, so the rear parking sensors – standard fit on the Edition White and Black – are more of a necessity than a convenient bonus.

Refinement isn’t great; there are audible complaints from the suspension over rougher roads, and the bluff front end and upright windscreen create a lot of wind noise. 

Should I add any options?

The Edition White and Black address our criticism of needing to opt for a height-adjustable driver’s seat, so enjoy the saving and leave it as comprehensively equipped as it otherwise comes.

What next?

Head over to, select ‘New Car quote’ and follow the steps to take you to the Smart Forfour 0.9 Turbo Edition Black