Dealer service rates falling

  • Franchised dealer rates falling
  • First fall in five years
  • Independent rates rising
Words By What Car? Staff

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Franchised dealer labour rates are falling for the first time in five years, according to a new survey.

The report, by Warranty Direct, shows that the average hourly rate at a franchised dealer has fallen by 4.8% to 90.16 in the past 12 months.

Warranty Direct analysed data from more than 5000 garages nationwide and repair bills from its policies. It concluded that the credit crunch is forcing franchised garages' rates down as they compete more than ever on price rather than just service.

It says, however, that the hourly rate at independent garages has risen by 0.8% over the past year, taking the average rate to 56.10.

The average labour rate across all garages is 75.85 an hour. The highest found was 190.35 - down from 198.86 last year.

Scottish and Welsh garages were included in the survey, but, as the tables below show - only English garages made the top and bottom 10.

Top 10 most expensive regions for garage labour rates:

β€’ Greater London - 94.44
β€’ Middlesex - 91.48
β€’ Hertfordshire - 88.71
β€’ Surrey - 87.66
β€’ Buckinghamshire - 86.49
β€’ Berkshire - 84.09
β€’ Warwickshire - 82.10
β€’ Kent - 81.84
β€’ Bedfordshire - 81.66
β€’ Essex - 80.54

And the cheapest...
β€’ Cornwall - 61.15
β€’ Lincolnshire - 66.03
β€’ Devon - 68.18
β€’ Avon - 68.45
β€’ Norfolk - 69.43
β€’ Cheshire - 69.72
β€’ Lancashire - 70.29
β€’ West Yorkshire - 70.33
β€’ Cumbria - 70.82
β€’ South Yorkshire -70.90